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Azumanga Preschool and Takeru & Hikari is a 12 episode slice of life, comedy OVA (original video animation) of the 2 anime series of the same names as one: the Azumanga Daioh prequel Azumanga Preschool and its spin-off Takeru & Hikari. It features the 6 main characters from the shows Chiyo Chan, Miruchi, Yuka, Takeru, Hikari, and Mikan. Most episodes consists of two 11 min. episodes. Only episodes 6, 7, and 12 are full 22 min. episodes.

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It's unknown where the OVA's even takes place, but for some reason Yukari and Nyamo make an appearance in the 7th episode as they drive the kids to Chiyo's summer home. The plot is similar to Azumanga Daioh, except it doesn't focus on life in school.

Opening and Closing Themes[]

The opening theme is "Doki Doki Friend" (which sounds similar to the Gumball Machine Bonus Stage theme from Sonic 3, and has new tunes added to the theme), and the closing theme is "Drive to Friends" (which is parts of "Drive to Love" by Tomoko Aran from the album More Relax, with modified lyrics and new tunes to fit with the theme of the anime).


List of Azumanga Preschool and Takeru & Hikari Episodes


Voice Actors[]

Japanese: Tomoko Kaneda
English: Jessica Boone
Japanese: Akane Omae
English: Sasha Paysinger
Japanese: Sakura Nogawa
English: Mariela Ortiz
Japanese: Hiroko Konishi
English: Wendee Lee
Japanese: Kae Araki
English: Lara Jill Miller
Japanese: Kana Ueda
English: Kira Tozer
Japanese: Akiko Hiramatsu
English: Luci Christian
Japanese: Aya Hisakawa
English: Monica Rial
Japanese: Nanae Katou
English: Luci Christian
Japanese: Yui Horie
English: Kira Vincent-Davis
Japanese: Chiwa Saito
English: Rachel Hirschfeld
Japanese: Yuko Goto
English: Stephanie Sheh


This is the only time Mikan's friends never had an appearance. With the exception of Mikan's grade school friends Kaydy, Tata, and Lisa who appear in episode 4-1 "Jumprope Contest" as the antagonists to Chiyo Chan and her grade school friends, they would also appear in episode 8-2 as costumers in the main character's cafe during the calture fest. Shai-Chan also makes some cameo appearances in a few episodes.